MAC Coppering Eye Makeup Look

I wore this look on Christmas Day and New Years Eve and I absolutely love it. It is super simple and you only need two eyeshadows to create it - MAC Coppering and Nylon. If you have similar shades from other brands- you can use them instead. I would definitely recommend picking up Coppering though, because it is simply stunning. Nylon is just a highlight colour and you can swap it for any light beige :) 

STEP 1: I used Lime Crime Eye Shadow Helper to prime the lids - it is fantastic and I prefer it to Urban Decay's Primer Potion. The formula is waterproof and keeps the shadows in place all day!

STEP 2: I applied MAC Coppering allover the lid and on the lower lash line and blended it out with MAC 217 brush. This brush is incredible and I can't live without it. You NEED it in your life, trust me :)

STEP 3: I added a little bit of MAC Nylon to highlight the brow bone and blend out the orange hues with it - creating a smoother gradient effect.

STEP 4: I applied black eye pencil in the upper and lower waterline,added black winged liner, mascara and falsies. You can use your favourite ones to make the look perfect for you :)

The key to this look is to keep it simple with  just one strong colour and add drama with a black eyepencil and big lashes. You can make any colour work this way, even the brightest blue, pink or green.

I am aware that red/orange eye makeup isn't something everyone would wear everyday, but it is a great option for a special occasion and I love the way it looks with brown eyes. It looks awesome with all eye colours to be honest, creating a lovely contrast.

PS. Excuse my santa hat and frizzy hair on the photo above, haha. I had a really bad hair day on Christmas day and wore the hat all day to hide it :')

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