Beyonce 'Mine' inspired makeup look

Whenever I mention that I am not really a Beyonce (or Rihanna) fan, I actually get abuse on Twitter, which I find absolutely hilarious :) We all have different tastes and values, right? I respect someone's opinion, so they should respect mine. Anyway... When lovely Danielle mentioned a makeup look Beyonce wore in her 'Mine' video, I really liked the sound of it, so I watched the video and decided to give the eye makeup a try. It is not exactly the same and the shades used on her look totally different against my skin tone, but I used similar colours and I quite like how it turned out. The only palette I used for this eye makeup look is Urban Decay Vice 2, plus bright blue eye pencil, mascara, liner and falsies.

1. I used a blue eye pencil allover the lid (mine is from Eye Of Horus in a shade called Teal Malachite) and blended it out slightly with my finger.

2. I applied a mixture of Madness and Prank from my Vice 2 palette onto the inner and outer corners of my eyelids, blending them out lightly, with Zoeva 234 shader brush.

3. I added Damaged (green shade) under the bottom lashline and blended it out with my Zoeva 234.

4. In the crease, I used shades Rewind and Betrayal to add a little bit of purple and brown. I wasn't sure what colours to pick to be honest, but they worked really well. I blended them out with MAC 217.

5.  To finish off the blending, I used Dope (light beige) under the brow bone and blended out the crease colours with it as well.

6. To brighten the center of the lid, I added Shellshock in the middle. It's a super pigmented silver shade with a lot of shimmer.

7. I also added a very thin line of black liquid liner to make my lashes appear thicker, a little bit of mascara and a pair of falsies (Ardell Demi Wispies) to add more drama :)

I can't remember what foundation I was wearing that day, but I am wearing Clarins Natural Lip Perfector in shade Candy Shimmer on my lips and Zoeva Luxe Color Blush in shade Last Love on my cheeks. Oh, I also used a beige liner in the lower waterline, but  you can hardly see it.

Here is the original look Beyonce wore in the video:

Would you wear this makeup look? I wore it last weekend and loved it. It is actually wearable :)

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