Guest post: Fashion versus function

Fashion versus function: what to wear at work 

Some people can spend the biggest part of their early morning (or the previous night) picking out what they're going to wear to work that day. Others are happy to simply jump out of the shower, fling on the first thing that comes to hand and head out the door. What we wear at work depends on a number of things. One is your own personal style and taste, but where you work and what you do will also usually play a major part. Sometimes it might even be a case of what you can get away with. 

Functional workwear 

You might work in a job that requires dressing a certain way. This might involve wearing a uniform or dressing smartly in a suit or business attire. Other work clothes might be purely functional in nature, especially if there is a health or hygiene element involved. Durable overalls and work trousers can be useful for protecting your own clothes and some even manage to combine a strong look with functionality. During work hours though, it is more important that your clothes are actually suitable for the task at hand. This can also include safety accessories such as gloves, goggles and sensible shoes. 

Workwear that crossed over 

Some styles and brands have crossed over from the world of work to be embraced by fashionistas in their various guises. Dickies workwear, for example, was adopted by teenage skaters in the early 90s and has spread through various subcultures and fashion scenes since. Dr Martens shoes were originally developed as a health shoe in Germany before becoming popular with factory workers in England and finally becoming a true cultural icon. Checked lumberjack shirt was co-opted by grunge in the late 90s and even the evergreen (or everblue) staple of denim jeans began life as workwear for cowboys in the late 1800s. Today's workwear is often tomorrow's fashion must-have; although that might not be much of a consolation if you're condemned to wearing an outfit you currently find objectionable! 

Adding a personal touch 

Even if you do have to dress in a way you wouldn't otherwise choose for work, there may be opportunities to customise and express your personality. From ties and cuff links to accessories, jewellery and hairstyles, you can still be a little bit ‘you’ no matter where you work.

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