The Herb Body Map

When I was asked, if I would like to feature this infographic on the blog, I just had to say yes. I am obsessed with natural remedies and you will never see me taking  over-the-counter medicines or going to the doctor for other medication. I don't want to put unnecessary chemicals  into my body. I very rarely get ill and when I do catch something, I use 100% natural remedies to cure everything and my symptoms are very mild and easy to treat. The key to stay healthy and have a strong immune system is in healthy eating and it is one of the reasons why I eat clean! I make sure to pack my menu with vitamin C rich foods, fatty fish, nuts, seeds, garlic, onions, apples, superfoods and powerful herbs and they work wonders! I might even prepare a little guide about dealing with winter colds the natural way. Let me know, if you would like to read it :)

The infographic is brought to you in collaboration with and I really hope you find it interesting. 

*collaboration with Baldwins
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