The 'Carrie' Necklace

I usually go for statement necklaces, but I thought it was time to try something more dainty. I am not obsessed with Sex And The City or Carrie Bradshaw, but I quite like the idea of a name necklace, longs it isn't huge or tacky :)

The design I got is 24K Gold plated, on a 14 inch chain. You can buy it here for $48.95. It actually  looks like it is made with solid gold, so it is a perfect option for those who want a good quality piece, without the high price tag of a solid gold name necklace. Perfect. 

You can choose between different necklace lengths, various fonts and obviously... personalise it with your own name - or any name you want. It is a timeless piece and it would make a lovely gift. 

Do you own a name necklace?

Available from (use the code above for 10% off)
Products are delivered from Israel, mine took a week to arrive.

*I was kindly sent the necklace free of charge

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