£1 Primark Beauty Bargains: Liquid Liner and Sultry Lashes

While shopping in Primark for some Autumn/Winter pieces, I stumbled across two £1 beauty bargains. I picked up the Sultry Lashes and a Liquid Liner. I wasn't expecting them to be amazing, but they aren't bad either. 

The 'Sultry' lashes are easy to apply and look lovely on. I adore the shape, because it really suits my eyes and makes them look much bigger. The strip on the lashes is not as flexible as on Eldora or Eylure falsies, but I managed to apply them without any problems. They felt comfortable and didn't annoy me during the day. They come with an adhesive to keep the lashes in place and if you apply them properly, they will stay on until you remove them. Overall, I am very impressed and I will be buying more Primark lashes in the future. If you are a newbie in the falsies department, I would advise you to get more flexible ones.

The liquid liner features a fine, soft brush, which I love. It made the application hassle free and I was able to create a precise line easily. It is similar to my favourite Bourjois Liner Pinceau, but it gives a jet black, glossy finish (Bourjois is matte). I noticed that applied on top of eye shadow, it cracked a bit after a couple of hours, but when I used it directly on my skin, it stayed put all day. For £1, it is amazing.

Wearing Primark Sultry Lashes and Liquid Liner (I applied it on top of my Bourjois one and you can see the difference in the finish)
wearing Primark Sultry lashes and Liquid Liner

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