The Repurchase: Origins Super Spot Remover Review

I very rarely repurchase skincare products, but a couple of gems made it to my 'repurchase list' and I simply can't live without them. I was asked to review the Origins Super Spot Remover by some of my readers, so I thought that starting a new series of posts, about some fab products I repurchased is a great idea.

The only downside of the Origins Super Spot Remover is the price. The tiny 10ml bottle costs £14.00! When I first bought it, it was a pound cheaper, but hey... if it works, I can put up with the price tag. If you don't have acne, or major breakouts, the bottle will last you for ages! I have been getting loads of breakouts on my neck and jawline though, so I run out of the product quicker. My first bottle lasted for 5-6 months, which is great and I am happy to pay £14.00 twice a year :) 

Now, let's talk about my skin type. I have normal/combination skin, with occasional dry patches on my nose, forehead and cheeks. I am struggling with some hormonal issues and sometimes the breakouts get out of control. I never get them in the centre of my face, but my neck, jawline and cheeks can look pretty bad at times. One week my skin looks perfect, one week it can be an absolute disaster. I also react to junk food badly and get spots as soon as I treat myself to crisps or sweeties. The most annoying things about this type of breakouts are their size, the swelling and the healing time.

To speed things up, I always use a generous amount of the Origins Super Spot Remover directly on the breakout, ideally twice a day. It dries out big spots within a day or two, or overnight if it's a small one. If I squeeze or scratch, it will take much longer, so I try to avoid touching my face. (it is sooo hard!)

 Origins Super Spot Remover is a clear gel, with a strong alcohol scent, easy to apply and very effective. It contains salicylic acid to speed up healing, caffeine to calm the skin and red algae to get rid of irritation and redness. The gel creates an invisible protective layer on the breakout, so you can use it in the morning and apply makeup over it. It is a life saver in my opinion. It also helps to prevent scarring and discolouration, which is a very important factor. I use a tiny amount of it in the morning and a bit more at night time.

If you haven't tried the Super Spot remover before, remember that it really dries out the area you apply it to, so be careful and precise. Apply it directly to the breakout and avoid using it on big areas, because you will end up with flaky patches. Dry bits can be easily exfoliated though, so don't worry if you applied too much. You can apply the gel with cotton buds or clean fingers, whatever option you prefer. I prefer my fingers, because I use less product this way.

Overall, the Origins Super Spot Remover works really well for me and I would definitely recommend it as a spot treatment. It won't cure acne, but it will definitely speed up the healing process, if you have a breakout emergency. I will repurchase it again and again... because it is an amazing product!

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