Fragrance wishlist

I have a slight obsession with perfumes and my collection currently consist of 20-30 bottles of different scents. I am trying to use up some of them, because I need space for some new beautiful fragrances. There are three scents on my wishlist at them moment, including Marc Jacobs Honey, This Company Molecule 01 and Vera Wang Be Jeweled. I blame all of my fragrance lusts on fellow beauty bloggers :)

01. Marc Jacobs Honey (£68.00, 100ml) is definitely the most talked about EDP at the moment and I am a victim of their big campaign :) I have seen countless reviews of this perfume on hundreds of blogs and it definitely worked, because I want Honey asap! The bottle looks a bit crazy, but I really like the design. Also... I just redecorated my bedroom and the main colours are white and yellow, so this beaut will look amazing on my bedside table. Honey features notes of green pear, mandarin, orange blossom, nectars of honeysuckle, peach, honey and vanilla. 

02. Molecule 01 by This Company (£63.00, 100ml) is a scent I have been intrigued by, since I read about it on Anna's blog. This unusual creation contains one "note" in a form of an aroma-chemical Iso E Super. It is described as an effect, not a fragrance, which makes me want it even more! Molecule 01 can be used alone for a very subtle velvety and woody effect, or layered with other scents. The way it works sounds a bit magical, because the initial scent is meant to vanish and "re-surface" later. Molecule 01 is also known to have an impact on other people and "lend an indefinable allure to the wearer". What can I say... I am sold! I am getting a 30ml bottle of this mysterious fragrance next weekend, because it sounds incredible!

03.Vera Wang's Be Jeweled Eau De Parfum (£55.00, 75ml) is the last EDP I am drawn to at the moment. I got a little sample of it recently and I love it. It is a perfect mixture of fruity and floral notes with a splash of... champagne. It is very feminine and easy to wear and I really want to get the full size. 

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