Ciate Megaphone Corrupted Neon Manicure Kit Review and Giveaway

I mentioned in one of my recent posts, that I have been experimenting with various nail art trends this summer. The latest addition to my nail polish collection is the Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Kit. I opted for the yellow combo called Megaphone and it consists of: a Yellow Taxi Paint Pot, Megaphone Glitter Topping and Black Light UV Top Coat. The Corrupted Neon Collection is available in four colour combinations:

Foam Party- blue
Club Tropicana- orange
Shout Out- pink
Megaphone- yellow

I am not  party animal, so I won't be showing off my nails in UV light in a club, but if it is your kind of thing- why not? You simply paint your nails with the base colour, sprinkle some glitter on top (optional) and add the UV Top Coat. The glitter is very fine, so it will probably end up allover you hands and face, so be careful :) haha. You can see on the photos below, that the glitter glows under UV light too, creating a unique effect. 

I really like Big Yellow Taxi - it is a great shade for summer. I have been using it without the UV top coat, with some yellow glitter sprinkled onto the accent nail. It looks lovely! Rememeber that you can use the glitter topping and the UV Top Coat with any nail polish, so packing them for Ibiza is probably a good idea :) 
The Corrupted Neon Manicure Kits are available from Selfridges and Asos.

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