Polaroid Style Prints

I love photography and I always print out a lot of pictures for my photo albums. Why? The answer is very simple.  Can you imagine showing your child their baby photos, trying to find them on your 20 year old hard drive? (if it still exists after all those years) It wouldn't be as easy as picking up a photo album! I can't imagine going through all the folders, with thousands of files!!! I take hundreds of pictures every day, so printing out all of them is impossible, but... I make sure to keep my photo album updated :) 

One thing I always loved are polaroid prints. I remember my dad buying a Polaroid Camera when I was a kid and I was totally amused by it! Instant photos? It was kind of magical :)

I still adore the look of Polaroid prints and a new app called Printic, makes it easy to give your photos a little Polaroid makeover :) How does it work?

*I was kindly provided with credits to purchase the prints. 

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