Elegant summer outfit - designer edition

I love a mixture of white and yellow in an outfit, so I decided to put together something extremely elegant and summer appropriate, based around the gorgeous Alexander Lewis Cut Out Dress.

I am seriously in love with the design of the yellow linen dress. The shape is very classic, but the cut out detail makes it a little bit more interesting and daring. It is currently reduced from £590 to £354 (with 40% off) and if money was no object, I would definitely order it right away. I really like to wear linen dresses in summer, because they feel light and let my skin breathe. There is nothing worse than wearing a tight dress made with a synthetic fabric on a hot day. In my opinion, comfort always comes first.

To keep the outfit simple and chic, I would add this beautiful white Phillip Lim bag. I have been lusting after a Phillip Lim bag for ages and if I ever decide to treat myself, I will have to buy it on sale :) This one is currently reduced from £1,070 to £642, making it a real bargain for those who love luxury handbags. It is simply beautiful! White is a great choice when it comes to summer handbags.

The model (on the second photo) is wearing high heels and they look gorgeous with the yellow dress, but... I never wear heels, so I picked the White Platinum Lysistrate Sandals By Ancient Greek for this outfit. They are more affordable than the dress and bag, and cost £140. When it comes to shoes and handbags, I am always prepared to pay a little bit more and these are actually within my budget :) I don't think I would pay more than £150 for shoes.
To add a finishing touch to the outfit, I would go for gold jewellery. The Gold Plated Leila Bracelet (£80) By Sarah Chloe is very feminine and it would look really nice worn alone or with a gold Michael Kors Watch. 

I always wear statement necklaces, so I couldn't resist adding the Gillian Steinhardt Gold Medallion Necklace (£395) to this outfit. It looks absolutely amazing! It is really big and chunky, but I think that it would look great with the dress.

You can find everything I featured in this post on www.avenue32.com

What do you think about this outfit? I absolutely love it!
 I will try to find something similar in my wardrobe or find budget friendly options for all the designer pieces :)

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