Socks, socks, socks.

Thin pastel socks (

Moving house made me realise that I should probably sort out my sock collection and update it as well. I have an entire drawer dedicated to knee high socks, one for over the knee socks, one for thick socks and one for standard socks... I know... I am not ok... I promise to downsize to 2 drawers really soon :)

My favourite place for sock shopping is Primark, because they offer the best prices. Unfortunately the quality isn't great, so I end up going back for more, two weeks later. Lately I've been ordering socks from ASOS. They have lots of cute designs, like the ones in the photo above.

The best option is to invest in socks made by companies who specialise in sock making, like H J Sock Group LTD.
The brand was established in 1882 and their products are known for durability and comfort.

My main problem with socks is the horrible feeling of tight elastics. HJ Socks offer a range of Softop Socks, designed to stay up all day without leaving marks on the legs or restricting circulation.
They also come with an unconditional 6 month guarantee.  Perfect!

Softop Mini Floral Cotton Rich Socks £5.50 

If you like stripes, you will probably like the chunky rib socks pictured below. 
I love the pink and turquoise combo.

£5.99 Chunky Rib Cotton Rich Socks £5.99

The range of colourful socks would be perfect for those who love neons and brights.
Colours Fashion Sock £3.99

If you are looking for good quality socks for ladies and gents, I would recommend checking out HJ Socks website. They offer a wide selection of products at affordable prices.


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