Review: Belif Anti-Dark Circle Eye Serum and Anti-Mark Correction Serum

Belif are a brand I wasn't familiar with, until I was introduced to their products about two months ago.
Nose-Shine Boy Blackhead Remover* was the first product I reviewed and I still love using it.
I was very intrigued by their corrective range and I decided to try the Anti-Dark Circle Eye Serum and Anti-Mark Correction Serum.

I have been using both products for 6-7 weeks and it is finally time for my verdict.
When it comes to corrective serums, I always give them over a month to work their magic.

My dark circles became a nightmare recently. If my husband ( who doesn't usually comment on my appearance) is concerned about my under eye area, it means that it needs sorted ;)

I use eye creams every day, but I needed something more effective. The Belif Anti-Dark Circle Serum claims to brighten the eye area and diminish the appearance of dark circles, making it sound very promising. 

First of all, I really like the consistency. It is light, non sticky and fast absorbing. The herbal formula is free from mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives and doesn't include animal origin ingredients. The serum is enriched with Red Sage, Oak Galls and other herbs.

Does it work?

It is very hydrating, keeps the under eye area soft and supple and most importantly, it really helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles. I wasn't expecting miracles, but in am happy with the results and my eyes definitely look less tired since I started using this product. My husband confirmed it :) Fine lines became less visible as well, probably due to all the extra hydration.

I use the smallest amount  of the serum each evening and I still have 1/2 of the tube left. 
It isn't the cheapest eye serum on the market, but it is worth the price tag in my opinion.

Would I repurchase?

Yes, but not immediately. I really enjoy using it and I can see great results, but I have more products to try out.

My other skin concern is scarring and marks on my cheeks, neck and jawline. I am one of those silly people, who can't leave spots alone and end up making them look a hundred times worse. I always end up with marks on my face, even after the smallest breakout. It is something I can't control... 

Belif's Anti-Mark Correction Serum is my new hero in the anti-mark category and I am really impressed with it. 
It's key ingredient is onion extract, but don't worry, the scent is pleasant. You won't end up smelling like an onion ;)  

The serum helps restore and rejuvenate damaged skin, increases moisture and speeds up skins recovery process.

Does it work?

I noticed a difference after two weeks of everyday use, especially on my neck. It is a delicate area and it scars easily, so I wouldn't recommend messing with it. I ended up with really bad scars and they are taking forever to heal. 

The Anti-Mark Serum heleped with making the scars less visible and they are easy to cover with a light concealer or foundation. I have been using the product for over 6 weeks and I am hoping for even better results if I continue the treatment.

The formula is light and hydrating, sinks into the skin quickly and leaves it silky soft. I used it on big areas of my face, but it is meant to be used on the actual scars. 

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