Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush For Kids

As a mum, I know how hard it can be to brush your  kids hair. My baby boy is 2 (in June) and he doesn't like me washing and brushing his hair. I decided to keep his hair long, because it is curly and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I can't imagine him with short hair and I don't mind the "What a pretty girl" comments :) haha

His hair is quite thin and fluffy though, so it gets tangled easily, especially when he decides to roll allover the floor :)

I own the original Michel Mercier hairbrush and I really like it (review here), so I happily accepted the kids version for my baby boy.
The design on the box is quite girly, but it didn't put me off. It would be great as a present for little girls :)

The brush comes in three colours, suited for three different hair types: fine, normal and thick.
It has 428 bristles, positioned at 32 different heights and 16 different diameters , to help disperse the pressure placed on hair during brushing. 

The brush works wonders on tangled hair and it glides through it easily, making the brushing experience less uncomfortable for your little one :) It works on dry and wet hair and I would definitely recommend it, especially if you feel like your tangle teezer could perform better with a handle :) The handle makes a big difference, making the brush feel comfortable in my hand.

You can buy the brush from www.michelmercier.co.uk

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