My high end wishlist

I am sure that most of you have a never-ending high end wish list. I constantly put expensive makeup in my online basket, but don't buy 99% of it. Why? Because it is really, really pricey and expires pretty quickly. Considering the amount of products I already have and don't use, being smart and resisting the urge of another purchase is the best option most of the time.

Sometimes, it is impossible for me to resist something, so I prepared a list of products, I've had on  my wishlist for a long, long time - some of them for over a year! 

Spot number one goes to the incredibly beautiful  GUERLAIN Meteorites Perles du Paradis - Illuminating Sparkling Powder (£43). Oh my... It is just gorgeous! I know that I would use it all the time, so I am planning to splurge on this beaut in the future. There is also a little Guerlain Meteorites brush (£23.00) available and just I have to have it :)

I reviewed two Dior nail polishes on the blog before, but I didn't get on with the formula. I am willing to give them a go again and I have been eyeing up the Dior Vernis Cherie Bow Nail Lacquer in shade Rosy Bow (£18). It looks like a perfect colour  for Spring.

Next on the list is a foundation. I am sure that I mentioned it before. It is Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h (£27.50). The original Teint Miracle is my Holy Grail base, so I am dying to try the other formula. The only thing stopping me is the amount of other foundations I have (over 20).

I am also lusting after  a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in shade Carail Intuitive (£24)
I love, love, love the packaging of Rouge Volupte, so I am really tempted to order the coral one right now.

I am sure that you have seen the Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee (£28.00) and blush (£30.00) on many wishlists already, but... I am DREAMING of the golden highlighter and I had to feature it. I can't find it anywhere though, so I will just keep dreaming. If I don't get my hands on it,  I will go for the Powder Gelee blush.

Next, we have the beautiful Guerlain Roige G De Guerlain L'Extrait in shade Paresse (£29.50).  The packaging is very intriguing and I need at least one of  Guerlain lip product in my collection!

Last on the list are the Chanel ILLUSION D'OMRE Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows – in shades Illusoire and Ebloui (£24.00). I've heard many good things about them. I have been loving cream eyeshadows, so one pot (or two) of Chanel prettiness  is not going to hurt anyone :)

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