Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher review +swatches

I am finally reviewing this gorgeous, gorgeous Etude House blusher. I received it for Valentine's Day and I couldn't ask for a more beautiful present. It's princess-like packaging stole my heart and I am simply IN LOVE!

Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher is quite pricey and hard to get in UK, but you can order it from ($48), amazon ($25) and  ebay ($24). I am sure that it is available on other websites, but I can only recommend those three, because I used them before. The blusher is available in two colours: orange and pink. I got the orange/coral option.

The most obvious and beautiful aspect of the Etoinette Heart Blusher  is the packaging. It is incredibly pretty and every "girly girl" will love it!  The pink plastic pot is shaped like a carriage and has gold accents on the lid and the front and pretty embossing  allover. The blusher also comes in a lovely presentation box -always a bonus if you are looking for  a cute present. If you are worried about the little hearts breaking in transit, don't be. My product came from Korea and it arrived in perfect condition.

The idea of heart shaped blusher pieces (?) is really cool and it definitely got me excited about this product. I first spotted it on Tereza's blog and I couldn't stop talking about it. My husband must have been sick of listening about it and ended up ordering this beaut for me :) haha. He never buys makeup for me, so I was shocked!

So... Is the blusher worth the price tag? Yes! It is nicely pigmented and long lasting.  I would compare the lasting power to the amazing Tarte blushers, which is 12h +. The application can be a bit tricky, but the little white puff is actually very handy, because it picks up a perfect amount of product. When I used my RT blush brush, it didn't work well. There is a fair amount of fallout, but I think that it is due to the shape and texture of the product. You can see it on the photos below. I also included swatches of all the colours and the final effect on my face (you can blend it out more, obviously). 

Overall, I adore the Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher and I use it quite often. When I don't use it, I like to admire it's gorgeous packaging, looking super pretty on my dressing table.

01 09 10