Obsessed with hi-tops + rambles about growing feet :)

You might have seen my latest instagram picture where I decided to wear my husbands green hi-tops. 
I don't like to talk about my feet, but I am a size 8 at the moment, so they are on the massive big side :) haha. 
I used to be a size 6, but pregnancy did weird things to my body... My feet grew to a size 8 in 9 months! 
Seriously!  If you haven't heard about this freaky condition, I am about to explain. 

During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin, loosens joints around the pelvis. It also loosens ligaments in your feet, causing the foot bones to spread.  Good news- you have an excuse to buy new shoes. Bad news- you can't wear your old ones ever again! Imagine adding swelling to a size 8 foot and there you have it- size 9, just like my husband! That's where my love affair with high tops (and sneakers in general) started. I found comfort in my husbands shoes :) haha. He is obsessed with shoes and owns many pairs of high tops, but... he doesn't wear most of them. I keep trying them on and I actually started wearing some of them. They are really comfortable and I am planning to get a couple of more girly pairs for myself. 

I was looking at hi-tops from JDSports and I am loving  all the beautiful colours they offer. 
My favourite shape is the classic Nike high top, but the Adidas ones look lovely too. I find Nike trainers perfectly shaped for my feet and I they feel comfortable from day one. 

I am also loving the look of high top wedge sneakers. I see them on fashion  blogs all the time and I am lusting after an electric blue pair of Isabel Marant ones + a Celine bag in the same colour :) Perfect combination. I am afraid the I can't afford them, but I am definitely getting some new kicks from JD really soon. The prices are affordable and they stock most of the brands I like, including Nike, Adidas, Converse and DC. 

This reminds me that I have to dig out my old pair of DC sneakers (from JD Sports by the way) and see if they still fit me. I always say, that it is all about comfort, so I am really glad to see high tops being on trend :)

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