The easiest way of removing glitter nail polish - Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat Review

 I love glitter on my nails, but I really can't be bothered with removing it. It is so much hassle! I actually stopped using glitter nail polishes, until I read Amelia's post about the Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat. She has a little shop (here) with loads of Korean Beauty products and stunning jewellery and that's where I bought the Innisfree Base Coat from. It arrived really quickly, wrapped in gorgeous paper, with a cute note inside :) I also have to mention, that Amelia has a fabulous blog and if you are not following it already, you will fall in love! I promise! 

When I got my parcel, I went glitter crazy. I was painting my nails with my favourite glitter nail polishes every two days. It is so simple. You paint your nails with the Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat, wait for it to dry (about 5 minutes) and apply your favourite glitter nail polish, or normal nail polish and a glitter top coat. How does it work? The base coat turns into a clear film on your nails and creates a barrier and a perfect canvas for any colour! Amazing!!! Once you are bored with you manicure, you simply peel it off with a cuticle pusher or in my case- my fingers. You don't need nail polish remover, cotton pads- nothing! The manicure comes off in one piece in a second- literally! You can see it on the pictures below. Magic! I don't usually wear the same manicure for more than two days, but I kept an accent nail with the base coat and glitter on for 4 days, and it doesn't chip, unless you start picking it off :) Ooops. 
I can't help myself. I just start picking. I think that it could last for up to 5-6 days if you can stay away from it :) haha

Overall, it is a brilliant product! I don't have to worry about spending my evening with my hands wrapped in foil and the horrible smell of a nail polish remover in the air. It's not like I have time for it anyway.  The Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat is a life saver and a must have for glitter addicts like me! Removing glitter nail polish has never been easier!

My exclusive February advertiser is Louise from Confessions Of a Secret Shopper
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