Naked 2 dupe (?) MUA Undress Me Too Palette + review

I should have seen this one coming :) haha.  MUA released a palette called Undress Me Too and it is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I am actually happy about that, because not everybody can afford the UD one for £36.00. The MUA dupe comes at a fraction of the price- a mere £4.
I compared the original Naked palette to the first MUA Undressed HERE, so if you want to have a read about the formula of the eye shadows etc, you will find all the info there.

I know that I am on a spending ban, but I just coudln't resist picking up this bargain to write this post. It was only £4, so I don't feel bad about it. I will start with a  quick review of the MUA Undress Me Too palette. 

The palette comes in white plastic packaging, with a clear lid, so a little bit different than the other MUA palettes. 
I actually prefer the white packaging. It looks nicer. There is 12 shades in the palette, including beautiful golds and nudes,medium and dark browns and a jet black shade as well. All the shades are creamy, except shades Naked and Lavish, which are matte and not very pigmented. I love the fact that MUA named the shades. Well done :) The quality of the eye shadows is amazing and they last for good 8 hours without a primer and for over 12 h with a primer. Again, the 2 matte shades don't last on my eyelids for longer than 2 hours. Overall- BARGAIN!!!!I would definitely recommend picking this beaut up, when you are in Superdrug, or ordering it from Mine got delivered the next day!!!! I am still in shock about that.


The Undress Me Too palette isn't a perfect dupe for Naked 2, but the shades are similar, especially  in the pan. 
Once swatched, they look slightly different, but I can't moan- the MUA palette costs £32 less.

-there is 12 shades in both palettes

-Urban Decay shadows feel more luxurious and the quality and pigmentation is better. The quality of MUA Undress Me Too is surprisingly good too and all the shimmery shades are creamy and apply beautifully, but matte shades are less pigmented than UD ones

-I don't need a primer if I use the Naked 2 palette and the shadows stay on my eyelids all day, except matte shades(they need a primer) All shimmery shades from MUA Undress Me Too stay put for most of the day- around 8 hours, but with a primer they last all day and look perfect. Matte shades need a primer no matter what to last for more than 2 hours.

Overall, the Urban Decay Naked 2 is an amazing palette and as an Urban Decay eye shadow addict, I will love it forever and won't replace it with the MUA dupe :) But... the Undress Me Too is a great product and perfect for those who don't want to pay £36 for Naked 2, or those who own the original Naked already. 

TOP- MUA Undress Me Too, BOTTOM- Urban Decay Naked 2

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