Lazy Sunday :)

I was planning to add a proper outfit post, but I decided to wear my pyjamas all day :) haha 
It is always the same, we make plans to go out and end up having a  lazy Sunday in the house. I am sure you can relate to this :) I am wearing a massive jumper I got from It is absolutely enormous. I am a size 20 and it is very loose on me and feels really comfy. Perfect for lounging around the house. It is made with thick, soft wool in a light peachy colour and has a big pocket in the front. It also has a cutout pattern on the sides, sleeves and on the back.  I included pictures from the website as well, to give you a proper image of the jumper :) I am wearing a necklace I got on ebay. It was under £3 and I customized it, by removing a bit in the middle. It looked like a tie and I didn't like it :) haha. Now it looks like a collar necklace. I was trying to find a link to it, but I can't see it in my purchase history. I got it a couple of months a ago.
On my lips I am wearing Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Big Bang . ( <-----link to my review).

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