Guest Post: Make-up Styles that Compliment the Types of Shirts You Wear

From dressy to casual, pairing an outfit with the right style of makeup can dramatically change your look. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to makeup or fashion. Experimenting with various shades, colors and styles is essential, especially when wearing a t-shirt.  It doesn’t matter if its graphic or a plain white, make a statement with your clothes and your face!  Are you stressing out about the right look? Cheer up. We’ve created four different looks you can try along with some makeup tips. Find one that screams your name!
Drama Queen

This style is not for the faint of heart! Start with a daring graphic tee, rock it with a pair of with a faux leather pants and ankle length boots. Your makeup should be as daring as our look. Your secret weapons: thick eyeliner, false lashes and bold eye shadow. First, contour your eyes with eyeliner then add your eye shadow.  Choose a shade that best matches your complexion. Ideal colors: black, purple, or red. Apply the color on the entire eyelid up to the crease. Add a dash of drama to your look by tastefully articulating your eyebrows. For the lips:  first lip pencil, then lipstick, then gloss! Neutrals and tans are a no-no with this style.

Earth Goddess

If you are vibing on Mother Nature’s palate, then you might be an Earth Goddess.  Try pairing an earth tone t-shirt with a long flowing skirt. Add a pair of wedge heels and a fedora hat. Your makeup should be natural but eye catching; beige and brown eye shadows are your friend. Avoid black lengthening mascara and instead wear brown.  It’ll give your eyes a softer look.  You’ll appear more youthful when you apply a light blush to the apple of your cheeks. Need help picking a color?  Look for a shade that matches your cheeks after you exercise.  Polish your look with a light lip balm.   

Natural Beauty

The great thing about this look is it requires minimal effort.   Wear your favorite plain tee with a pair of high waist shorts, a bright scarf and flats.  A light hand is needed when applying makeup. Draw focus to your eyes by grooming your eyebrows, so remember to pluck those stray hairs. Use soft neutral tones on your eyelids. Apply a light coat of mascara to the top lashes only. Use a lip stain for an all day color.  For an added glow, a touch of shimmer on your cheek bones goes a long way.
Class Act
If you love style and sophistication then you might be a Class Act. Pair a vintage tee with dark blue jeans, black patent pumps and a blazer. For an authentic 50s look, the cat eye is a must. Use volumizing mascara on your upper and lower lashes.  Your look will appear finished with a daring shade of red lipstick.  

*This post was written by Rhonda Gibson of who probably spends WAY too much time browsing trendy women’s t-shirts and creating new & exciting outfits.

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