A Classic Holiday Look

I always struggle to find comfortable and flattering swimwear, but I think that I finally have a solution. I found some gorgeous swimdresses for women  and I can't believe now that I didn’t think about getting a couple of them last summer.

The polka dot swim dress I found is from BonmarchĂ©, the UK’s largest womenswear value retailer catering for women over 50 years. You might ask... why is a 25 year old looking at a website aimed at more mature ladies? Well... finding clothes and swimwear isn’t that easy when you are a size 20 as I am at the moment.

I don’t mind shopping occasionally for items from menswear or even a brand aimed at a different age group. If it is something I like, I will buy it – simple! BonmarchĂ© pride themselves on offering quality clothing with appropriate styling, great value and in a wide range of sizes - perfect. 

Let's get back to beachwear.

I will be going on Holiday in August and I’ll be wearing something very similar to the outfit featured above. 
I love wearing kaftans and I think they look fabulous worn over swimwear, no matter what size you are and I have a couple of them in my wardrobe. I usually go for kaftans in black and white simply because they go with everything.

I would definitely suggest adding black and white accessories to make the whole look even prettier. You just can't go wrong with a pair of Gucci flats, Prada sunglasses and a classic white straw hat!

When I am on holiday I like to wear simple white canvas bags, because leather isn't the best choice in hot weather. The sequined crochet bag featured here looks perfect and goes with the rest of the outfit. I usually try not to wear too much jewellery in summer, especially if I know that I will get a tan. That's why I usually go for a simple dainty bracelet like the one pictured.

 If you are a fan of more casual holiday looks, you can find the perfect swim dress like I did from BonmarchĂ© too or maybe even some 
ladies holiday shorts and day dresses.

What do you think about this outfit? Is it something you would wear? 

My exclusive February advertiser is Louise from Confessions Of a Secret Shopper
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