My Urban Decay Eyeshadow Obsession

Hi everyone,

Here I am again, with another confession. I am addicted to Urban Decay eyeshadows! 
You might have gathered that already, because I use them in most of my makeup looks :) 
I started buying UD eyeshadows when the brand appeared in the UK. I loved the colours and the pigmentation was amazing, so I went a bit crazy and bought over 20 single shadows back then at £12 each! Ooops :)
I am glad I did though, because I still use them. I hit pan on some of them, so I have 17 singles left.
My next UD purchase was the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II. Probably one of the best purchases I have ever made.  I reviewed it here, if you would like to see swatches. I adore all the shades in this palette. It is very versatile and I reach for it quite often. Now, onto the most popular UD palettes: Naked and Naked 2. I waited a couple of months before purchasing them, because I had many UD eyeshadows already, but... I caved in and bought both of them anyway :) I need to admit - they are worth the hype and worth every penny! I actually sold my Naked on a blog sale when I needed cash, but guess what? I repurchased it! :) I really missed it and I couldn't live without it.
I also own a couple of UD 24/7 glide-on pencils, lipglosses and primer potions and I love all of them. 

Next on my wishlist is the Naked Basics palette, the Smoked Palette and the Build Your Own Palette (or 2) to give my singles a house :)

I can't recommend Urban Decay eyeshadows enough! They are perfect- very pigmented, easy to apply and blend and long lasting! One thing you have to remember is to buy UD products from authorized retailers. Ebay is full of UD fakes and I wrote about it here, when I compared the real and fake Naked palette. Do you love UD eyeshadows? What are your favourite shades? 

My exclusive January advertiser is Coco from The Beauty Milk
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