Betrousse Pretty Beauty Box review

I haven't featured a beauty box on the blog for ages, but I received the Betrousse Pretty Beauty Box* a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share the contents with you. It is actually quite good value for money and I am sure that many of you would like it. It retails at £19 and the contents are worth £122. Sounds like a great bargain! I was very happy to see two Yves Rocher products in the box. I am a big fan of the brand and have been using their products for over 7 years. I am also intrigued by the  face cream from Cupcake Organic, it looks and smells lovely. 

There is nine products in the box in total, including: a black Saffron London Crackling nail polish (£0.75), three booklets of Papier Poudre (£7.95), Essyta Cosmetics Body Lotion (£13.50), Yves Rocher Organic Gel Cleanser (£11.00) and lipgloss (£13.90), Kesari Anti-wrinkle Cream (£47.00), Arganti Pure Argan Oil (£10.00), Cupcake Organic face cream (£16.00) and Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette (£2.00).

There isn't a product in this box I wouldn't use, but so far I only tired the Yves Rocher Gel Cleanser and Yves Rocher lip gloss. I will probably share the contents with my female family members, because I simply can't use it all myself :) As a beauty blogger I have many face creams etc to test out, so I don't want to waste a product, by sticking my fingers into it if I know that one of my sisters or my mum can enjoy it more than me. The nail polish and eyeshadows are really cheap and not something I am too excited about, but they will make nice stocking fillers.

Overall, I think that The Betrousse Pretty Beauty box is great value for money and if you like the contents, you can get yours here.
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