Panache lingerie

Hi everyone.
Today I am featuring some gorgeous lingerie. The brand I would like to introduce you to is Panache.
Panache is a leading D plus lingerie specialist that has built its reputation on 3 core values: Fit, Support and Comfort. I am a size 85 DD at the moment, so this sounds perfect to me.

I am already familiar with the brand, because I ordered Panache lingerie for my wedding day 2 years ago from Very. The quality is really good and the fit is perfect and I felt very comfortable wearing the set I ordered. Panache offers a selection of gorgeous designs in a wide variety of colours and patterns you will fall in love with. You can also find classic designs perfect for everyday wear, swimwear and specially designed sports bras from B-H cup.
You probably heard about the fact that 80% of woman wear the wrong bra size. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if I was wearing the wrong size, because after pregnancy and breastfeeding my body changed totally and I feel a bit uncomfortable in most of my bras. I know that it is very important to wear a perfect bra, but I also know that I am not the only one who never used a bra fitting service. If you think you are wearing the wrong size, you can find advice and a bra size chart on Panache website, explaining the problems associated with wearing the wrong size bra and also pointing out the benefits of getting the correct size.
I always find an excuse not to go get my bra fitted in a shop. At the moment I am losing weight, so I will probably wait until  I'm done with that, before I splurge on some new amazing lingerie.
I picked a couple of designs from Panache website which I really like. My favourite must be the Tango Plunge bra. I usually go for this style, because it is comfortable and very flattering.

1. Loretta Balconnet Bra link
2. Tango Plunge Bra link
3. Sienna Balconnet Bra link
4. Ariza Balconnet Bra link

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