BIG BLUE EYES! Coloured Contact Lenses Review

Hi everyone.
Today I am reviewing something totally different than my usual beauty products.
I was contacted by asking me if I would like to review some coloured contact lenses from their store. I always wanted to try them , so I just had to say yes. My vision is perfectly fine, so I have never tried lenses before. This was my first pair. Read on for more details....

Big Eyes 15mm Beautiful Blue Contact Lenses* £15.99
Lens Cleaning Solution and Storage case* £2.99

I was a little bit scared to put the lenses into my eyes and at the beginning it was just ridiculously difficult. I was just blinking non stop and couldn't put them in. After an hour of trying I gave up and asked for advice. The lenses come with instructions, but it is hard to put something into your eye if you haven't done it before. Anyway...  after hours of trying I finally managed to put the lenses in and they looked huuuuge! The colour is beautiful and makes my eyes stand out, but I wouldn't wear them in public. I would go for smaller ones if I wanted to actually use them daily. I wanted to try big blue ones just to see the effect. I always freak out when something gets into my eyes, so I was a bit uncomfortable with the lenses. It wasn't a horrible feeling, but I could feel them in my eyes.
I think it is because of the size. I must admit, they are far too big.
Taking them out was easy peasy :) It took ma a second! (surprisingly)

Overall I am happy with the outcome. It looks really cool. I felt and looked like a manga character :)
If you always wanted to try colored lenses, go for it, it is fun and looks great on photos. I love photography so it was a great experience for me and my chance to take some interesting pictures. 
I can't wait to try green ones and big brown ones too :)
Have you ever tried coloured contact lenses? What did you think?

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