Barry M lip paint: shade 54- peach

Hi everyone.
I was planning to publish this post yesterday, but I am still having problems with my blogger account and my laptop isn't working :( I will still try my best to post every day. Today I am reviewing one of my recent purchases- a Barry M lip paint in shade 54 - Peach. I am not impressed with it to be honest and I will explain why.
Barry M Lip Paint- shade 54/Peach £4.50 link
"Moisturising lip paint by Barry M. Featuring a rich pigmented formula with a smooth texture, it glides offering long lasting colour. Ideal for creating this season’s statement lip, the lip paints are available in a selection of vibrant hues"
I was expecting it to be a peachy shade, but it is too bright for me. When I swatch it on my hand it looks lovely, but on my lips it looks very orange and not flattering at all.
I don't like the consistency either. It makes my lips very dry and if they are a tiny bit chapped- it just looks horrible.  I tried it on top of a lip balm and if it is applied lightly it looks ok, but I am still not sure about it. I took many pictures of the lipstick on my lips, but every single one of them looked unattractive! I very rarely say that, but it is true. Product info claims that the lipstick glides on and that it is moisturising- in my opinion it is the opposite!
I love the packaging and the price is very affordable, but unfortunately I don't get on with this product. I love Barry M nail paint though :)
EDIT: Keep in mind that everybody's experience can be different. I am sharing my opinion. Most people find the lip paints very drying, but I found some neutral/positive  reviews as well.
The only way I can make this lipstick work is to apply it very lightly on top of a generous amount of a very moisturising lip balm.
It appears quite creamy on my hand, but it dries quickly and leaves my lips extremely dry and uncomfortable.

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