OPI crystal nail file saved my nails!

Hi everyone!
I was advised by some lovely bloggers, including Andy aka Pampered Prince and Catrine from UnnakedNails  to invest in a crystal nail file to help improve the condition of my nails.
 All I can say is- Thank you guys! 
I can't believe that a nail file made such a big difference to my nails. 
I was planning to buy the Leighton Denny one, but for some reason I decided to go with OPI :)

OPI CRYSTAL NAIL FILE £13.50 from beautybay.com
"OPI Crystal File is a high quality nail file, with an effective filing surface made from the finest crystal. This file helps prevent splitting and chipping, leaving your nail edge perfectly smooth.
Easily cleaned, simply rinse under warm water to remove nail residue without affecting the files surface texture."

On day one I filed my nails down to nothing and tried to get as close to a square shape as I can.
The edges of my nails were perfectly smooth and I was filing them every day for a week.
It's been two weeks since I started using this nail file and my nails haven't split once! I am so happy!
Previously, I had to deal with my nails splitting on a daily basis, now it just doesn't happen!
If you don't own a crystal nail file yet, I would recommend getting one asap!
  All nail files I used before are in the bin now. Honestly- I binned them all!
The OPI crystal nail file is one of the best purchases I have ever made!

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