NOTD- starting again

Hi everyone, 
I get many compliments about my nails in my NOTD posts, but most of the time I use fake nails to get a nicer effect. I don't even wear the fake nails to be honest, it is purely for my blog and to please your eyesight :) and mine obviously. I don't want to damage my nails with strong nail glue, so I use eyelash glue instead and it keeps the fake nails in place for a couple of minutes, it is enough for me to take the pictures and when I am done I just peel them off. I know... it sounds crazy :)
I recently filed my nails down to nothing, because I want them to become stronger, so here they are... my tiny, short nails with a glittery manicure. I used 2 nail polishes from the OPI NYC Ballet Collection: Don't Touch My Tutu and Pirouette My Whistle.  I am also using OPI nail Envy every day to make my nails stronger.

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