NAIL ROCK WRAPS- take two :)

Remember my first attempt at nail wraps? I need to admit... it didn't go to well.
If you want to have  a look, here is the first post.
A couple of days ago I tried another set and this time the wraps look much better, but not perfect :)
I am quite impressed with my right hand though, the last time it was a disaster, this time it looks ok.
I really hope that one day I can apply them perfectly to all nails, because I want them to last for over a week. If there is a small crease on the edge of the nail the wrap will peel of on day 2/3 :(
If they are applied without creasing, they will last for over a week.
That's how long the wrap lasted on my pinky!
I actually used the biggest size on my big toes :) and they stayed on for 2 weeks!!!
I was really surprised! Anyway, if you can master this skill, let me know :) I would love to know a way to prevent creasing.

Nail Rock Bleached Neon Nail Wraps* currently £3.00 from asos.

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