What I did on my Birthday :)

I promised to show you some snaps from my Birthday, so here they are :) We went for a meal to F&B and had our favourite food :) When I had a look at the bill I nearly got a heart attack, but... nevermind... It was a treat for me from my husband. We usually have lovely meals in the house, because it is better value for money and we can get anything we want. We both love to cook :)
I was struggling to leave my baby boy with his grandparents for 3 hours, because I am a very obsessive mummy, I never leave my  baby with anybody! He is 1 year old and spent 10 hours in total without me :) I know...I am crazy, but I just love him to much :) anyway... He really enjoyed time with his grandparents and their little doggie and I enjoyed a nice meal with my husband. Believe it or not- this was the first time we went out since Zac was born!!! Yes, we are 25 and we do not go out ever, we are boring and we like it! Even before we got married and had a baby, we never went out to parties, we preferred romantic meals, days out and holidays.
PS. I don't drink alcohol often, only on special occasions, so I will have about 2 drinks and crush out :) haha, I can't handle a drink at all :) 


this will last me for a year :) seriously!

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