Apples & Custard must be my favourite Ciate nail polish. It is similar to Barry M Mint Green , but it is much darker and more green.  It is a beautiful shade and only needs 1 generous or 2 thin coats to provide a perfect, opaque and glossy finish. It is streak free and dries quite fast. I am very impressed with it! If you are looking for a perfect Mint Green that doesn't look blue, you won't be disappointed with this one!  I noticed that in dark light it looks much darker, but in daylight it is definitely a mint green colour. I mentioned how much I love the bottle design in my previous reviews, but I just can't stop admiring the cute bow and the shape- gorgeous!

Ciate Paint Pots - Apples & Custard 13.5ml* £8.50 link

EDIT: On the picture above I used fake nails that were white and I think it affected the colour and with one coat the green looked much lighter than on my natural nails. I am adding pictures of the nail polish on white paper so you can see how it looks like, also a close up of the polish on my natural nail.
As you can see it depends on the light. The day I painted my nails with Apples and Custard for the first time it was very bright and the colour looked much lighter to me.
in daylight, on paper
in daylight on natural nails, without a top coat

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