I have seen so many disaster attempts of nail wrapping that I wasn't surprised that my first attempt didn't go too well :) I started with my pinky and it looks quite good, my ring finger is ok too, but the rest of my nails don't look good at all. Obviously I need practice, because I have seen many beautiful nail wrap manicures and they were perfect.  The design I got would be perfect for a festival or as a fun manicure for a party.
"Rave nation nail wrap collection featuring a selection of on-trend bright yellow with smiley faces, the nail wraps have a new adhesive backing to ensure for an easy application. Simply peel off the backing, trim to fit the nail if necessary, press firmly onto the nail and file away any excess"  

I really need more practice with nail wraps, I have got two other designs and I will be updating you soon with my next attempt. The set comes with 16 nail shaped wraps to fit different nail sizes, a nail file to trim the excess wrap, a wooden stick and a wipe to prepare your nails. The application took me 10 minutes and the two nails I actually managed to do properly are still in perfect condition and look exactly the way they looked yesterday. I will let you know how long they lasted on my nails in my next post. It says that they can last up to 10 days if done perfectly. 
Don't take me seriously, please :) haha

there is one tiny crease on my pinky but I managed to smooth it out later.
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