Liz Earle fragrance/aromatherapy: Botanical Essence No1 EDP and Vital oils Bliss candle

Hello everyone. I am still exploring the beautiful world of Liz Earle products. This time I have the pleasure to introduce you to the fragrance and aromatherapy range. There is one EDP available at the moment and it's called Botanical Essence No1.  The Vital Oils aromatherapy collection consists of three different candles: Bliss, Harmony and Comfort.

Botanical Essence No1 EDP 50ml* £45 link

I didn't know what to expect from this fragrance, but I was sure it will be a blend of fresh, natural scents. I like most perfumes to be honest, unless they smell too sweet.
Botanical Essence No 1 smells very citrusy and it is definitely a "lift me up" fragrance. When it sinks into the skin it becomes a more subtle scent and I can smell notes of Rose and Bergamot.
I think that it could be a unisex fragrance as it is right in between feminine and masculine. I really like it. It is totally different that other perfumes I have got in my collection.
The notes include bergamot, cardamon, rose, lavender, geranium, coriander, nutmeg, mandarin, bitter orange, lemon, cedar, vetiver, tonka bean and patchouli.
It is a perfect summer fragrance and will stay on your skin for a good few hours.
The packaging is lovely, a simple and classy square bottle that comes in beautifully designed box and would make a perfect gift. The box is a really good idea, it slides open giving you easy access to the perfume when you need it and protecting it at the same time. Perfumes and other beauty products are meant to be stored away from heat and direct light, especially sunlight, so I think that all perfumes should come in a box like this.

Vital Oils Candle- Bliss* £9.00 link

INFO: "Delicately scent your surroundings with our precious Vital Oils candles. Heavenly scented with the Bliss fragrance, it blends vegetable-derived waxes from renewable sources with pure essential oils. Burn for up to 7 hours. Height 5cm. Contain no paraffin wax. As blissful as its name, this joyous and sensual blend transports you to a calmer, more contented space."
MY OPINION: I always loved candles, so I was very excited to try this little beaut from the Liz Earle aromatherapy collection. As soon as I opened the box, the blissful scent of this candle filled the full room. Amazing! I could instantly smell notes of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, followed by Rosewood and Sandalwood. It has got a very calming affect on me and I like to use it at bedtime when I apply my skincare and brush my hair. It makes my routine a little bit more special :) I noticed that the scent isn't overpowering when I lit the candle, so don't worry about getting a headache. Some candles are just too strong for me and I end up feeling sick. This one is perfect and I really enjoy using it. It will definitely help you to relax.

Do you like using aromatherapy to help you restore emotional balance? 
Have you tried Liz Earle Vital Oil candles. What are your favourite scents?

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