Gwdihw balms review

I received three lovely balms from a couple of weeks ago and I have been using them every day. GWDIHW balms is a company based in North Wales. They offer a range of natural, herbal body balms and soothers to treat specific problem areas. The herbs used to infuse the balms are locally grown on a herb nursery in Anglesey and all ingredients used are totally natural.
AMAZING! All the balms are a generous size-25g and cost only £4.49 so it is a great deal. The packaging  is very cute, pocket size metal tins with colorful designs. Just look at the Cheeky Cherub packaging - mummy owl with little baby owls! PS. GWDIHW is pronounced Goody Hoo and means owl in Welsh.

Smoochy Lips Cherry 25g Balm* £4.49 link

Smoochy Lips is a lip balm available in 4 flavours: Orange & Lemon, Cherry, Pineapple and Vanilla. 
I got the Cherry one and I love it. It smells and tastes of cherries and feels very nice on my lips. 
It is non sticky and it is packed with natural goodness. 
Coconut and Olive oils leave my lips feeling soft and nourished.
I keep this balm in my handbag and reach for it all the time. 

Apply little and often for kissable lips 
 Ingredients: Coconut And Olive Oils, Beeswax, Calendula, Natural Cherry Flavour.

Cheeky Cherub Baby Balm 25g Balm* £4.49 link
This balm really helped with my sons nappy rash. He's never had nappy rash until his 1st birhday. 
My husband bought different nappies (typical) and they caused a very nasty nappy rash. 
I used the balm on the affected area and it worked wonders. 
I also used it on my sons dry skin (he gets dry patches on his arms) and it helped to soften the skin and the redness started fading away. Another problem the balm helped with is cradle cap- Zac has got very mild cradle cap and the doctor told me that it will go away soon. I used Cheeky Cherub a couple of times on the small area of his head that's affected and it is looking much better. I will keep using it and hopefully it will disappear forever :)
It smells lovely, mostly of calendula an lavender and the delicate scent stays on all day.

Ingredients:Coconut & Olive Oils, Beeswax, Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Calendula, Lavender Oil

Nail Wizard 25g Balm* £4.49 link 
I am obsessed with looking after my nails and I've been using the Nail Wizard balm a couple of times a day to soften and nourish my cuticles. I mentioned many times that my nails are very weak and no matter what I do, they stay weak. It doesn't mean that I will give up. I never will -I love using products like this to make sure I take care of my nails. It also leaves my hands smelling absolutely gorgeous. Calendula and lemon- my favourite scents.

Gently massage this thick balm into your nails and cuticles. Apply regularly to benefit from the cleansing lemon and nourishing cocoa butter   
Ingredients: Coconut And Olive Oils, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Calendula, Lemon Essential Oil.

*PR samples
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