Unreal Tan review: Rapid Bronzing Mist, Body Buff and Body Silk

Hello everyone!
I am doing a series of fake tan reviews and today I would like to introduce you to a brand called Unreal. I have never heard about this brand, until lovely Elizabeth contacted me asking if I would like to review some of their products. I love trying new self-tan products, so I was very happy when I received Unreal bronzing mist, body buff and body  silk.

 Unreal Rapid Tan Bronzing Mist 150ml* £24.00 link
INFO: The latest in tanning technology Unreal Rapid Tan Bronzing Mist delivers an amazing natural looking colour without having to wear the colour guide all day/night.  This means after 2 hours you can go to the gym, go out to dinner and not wear it in bed worrying about rub off on your sheets. What does Unreal Rapid Tan Bronzing Mist offer? A fast tan in 2 - 4 hours. A realistic natural looking bronze colour (no orange tones). A long lasting tan which fades evenly. No fake tan smell. An exclusive hydrating skin conditioning formula with potent anti aging, skin firming properties. As if that isn't enough we also have powerful antioxidants of Green Tea Extract and Algae which give you a skin treatment all in one.  You choose the colour depth you want to achieve by showering off at 2 hours for a medium tan, 3 hours for a deeper tan and 4 hours* for a darker intense tan. * A light colour only is visible after 2 hours whilst the tan continues to develop up to 12 hours.

MY OPINION: I really like using fake tan in a spray or mist form. This one is a mist, that turns into a liquid in contact with skin, so I had to spray it onto my tanning mitt. I found it the most convenient and efficient way to use this product. It sinks into the skin right away and if you exfoliate before, there will be no streaking, no patching. It looks fabulous! The colour is quite dark, the longer you leave it on the darker it gets. You can see the difference on the pictures below. It doesn't look orange, it is a deep bronze shade that looks very natural. You can leave it on for about 2 hours to get a medium tan, or like me, leave it on for longer or overnight for a very dark tan.  The formula is packed with goodness to leave your skin soft and nourished and it really works. Most sprays would leave my legs really dry, this one leaves them soft to the touch. Like most new self-tan formulas, it doesn't come with the horrible fake tan smell that everybody hates. It fades evenly, especially if you use the Body Silk.
I really enjoyed using it and I will probably purchase more in the future, as a little goes a long way and the effect is amazing!

Body Buff Exfoliator 180ml* £12.61 link
INFO:Featured in More Magazine - Body Buff is the must have skin preparation product essential for preparing your skin before professional application or your own application of fake tanning products.  Not only that but Body Buff is becoming a cult product for those who want to keep their skin in "tip top condition" throughout the winter as well and not just for fake tanning.  It's fantastic hydrating properties keep the skin moisturised counteracting the drying effects of central heating.  It's gentle exfoliation allows you to use it on the face where it will help brighten facial skin by removing dead skin cells revealing younger skin cells beneath.  For fake tanning use it effectively sloughs off the dead skin cells leaving beautifully prepared skin which will allow your tan to fade more naturally and evenly giving longer lasting results. Contains micro poly beads to ensure gentle exfoliation without scratching the skin. Mango, Shea, Coconut butter whipped in shower gel base along with botanical extracts and amino acids effectively washes off without drying or stripping the skin. This unique pH balance formula allows you to exfoliate on the day of your spray tanning session as it washes off without leaving any residue on the skin. Helps to create smooth skin surface for even application of our Unreal sunless tanning products. Citrus fragrance from essential oils.

MY OPINION: Preparation is the key to a nice looking tan! If you love self-tan you already know, that exfoliating is a step that you can't skip! Body buff is a very creamy and gentle exfoliator. It smells lovely and citrusy. It removes dead skin cells and leaves my skin perfectly smooth and ready for fake tan application.  I use it with Soap & Glory exfoliating gloves to make my skin as smooth as possible, but you can use it with your hands or any exfoliating gloves.

Body Silk Moisturiser 180ml* £12.82 link
INFO: The Unreal Body Silk moisturiser is a naturally inspired, paraben free daily moisturiser lotion, which uses a combination of plant oils and rich butters to nourish the skin, plus plant extracts and amino acids, and vitamin E to fight against the daily environmental effect on our skin.Nurture and indulge your skin with our rich creamy quick absorbing lotion, made with exotic shea butter, nourishing jojoba and olive oil; infused with Milk Thistle Extract, Green Tea Extract and Oat Amino Acid, Rice Amino Acid and Soy Amino Acid for soft supple skin.Very hydrating formula for all skin types. Leaves skin feeling soft, supple, moisturized and refreshed. Citrus scent from essential oils.

MY OPINION: My first impression was- Wow! It smells amazing. I love anything with a green tea and citrus fragrance to it. It is packed with plant extracts and vitamin E. It leaves my skin perfectly moisturised and very soft. I use it every day after fake tan application to keep my skin looking lovely. If you moisturise every day the tan will fade gracefully and it won't go patchy.
I also use it on dry areas of my body (elbows, feet and knees) before I apply fake tan, to prevent them from going really really dark. You know what I am talking about, if you used self-tan before.
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