Simple Pleasures Scented nail polish set review.

I got a few requests and questions about the scented nail polish set I bought from TKmaxx.
I need to disappoint you- It is totally rubbish! The nail polishes are meant to be scented with melon, mint, cherry, mango and pineapple... They don't smell of anything except a strong nail varnish odour. Once applied and dry I still couldn't smell anything at all! Weird...
Another problem- one of the bottles was damaged, I was going to open it and the neck of the bottle snapped! I am not Incredible Hulk and I didn't break a glass bottle with my fingers. It must have been broken already, as there was some dried up nail polish on the bottle. I was all excited about the melon scent etc... just to find out it doesn't exist...
All the colours are lovely, especially mint and pink, the formula is ok, but the wow factor is missing.
I bought this set for £3.99, I found it online here for $12.
Have you ever tried scented nail polish? What was your experience?
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