He-Shi Express Liquid Tan and Day To Day Gradual Tan review +before and after

Today I am reviewing two products from He-Shi: Express liquid Tan and Day To Day Gradual Tan. You already know that I love fake tan. It is the only way to get a tan in Scotland :) Sunbeds are big big NO NO!!! I don't want to get skin cancer or look like a leather couch when I turn 30 :) Fake tan is the only safe way to get a nice healthy glow and make you feel more confident!
I have never tried Liquid Tan before so I was very excited to give the He-Shi goodies a go. I already reviewed the bronzer, so if you want to have a look, here is  the link.

HE-SHI Express Liquid Tan 150ml* £20.00 link

I am very impressed with this tanning solution! I have never used liquid tan before and I just didn't realise how amazing and easy it is. It is literally EXPRESS TAN! One thing you need to remember is EXFOLIATION. It is a very important step, especially when you use liquid tan. Don't ever skip this step if you want your tan to look gorgeous. 

When I received  the package I ran to the bathroom to try the product on my legs and I was very happy with the colour, but I forgot to exfoliate and the tan ended up looking patchy. It was my own fault and I was very annoyed. I exfoliated my full body in the evening with exfoliating gloves and an oil free body scrub, moisturised dry areas of my body with an oil free moisturiser and applied the Liquid Tan with the He-Shi tanning mitt. The application is so easy, the liquid glides onto the skin leaving a gorgeous guide colour with no streaks or ugly patches. You can see the difference in the before and after pictures below. Amazing results in a couple of minutes! The fading process was very 'graceful' and I was using the Day To Day Gradual Tan all week to keep my skin soft ant top up the colour.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that as soon as you apply the tan you can put your clothes back on, as it dries instantly. Remember to avoid contact with water for 6-8 hours though. It didn't stain my bedding at night and a little goes a long way so it is worth the £20 price tag. You can also get 300ml (a lot of product) for £30, saving yourself £10.

before and after using He-Shi Express Liquid Tan (it's the guide colour). It is less orange after a shower.

HE-SHI Day to Day gradual tan 200ml* £14.50 link

This gradual tanner is perfect if you have fair complexion or if you want to maintain the Liquid Tan and keep your skin moisturised and silky soft. It absorbs very quickly and smells lovely. By using this product every day I managed to keep a lovely tan for over a week! It is very important to keep moisturising your skin if you use fake tan and a gradual tanner gives the best results.

HE-SHI tanning mitt* £4.50 link

I have tried many tanning mitts before, but this one is simply the best.  It makes the application easy, it doesn't tear and helps to get a nice even finish.

*PR samples
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