Yves Rocher Riche Creme and Elixir 7.9 review. Perfect anti-aging combination!

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I am finally back to normal with my posts. My husband installed PhotoShop on his PC, I got an app called Blogsy for my iPad and I got a new card for my SLR. What about my laptop? Still dead...

Today I am sharing a review of a perfect anti-aging solution I discovered recently. Now, I know what you're thinking... Anti-aging at 24? Well... Yes!

I have got wrinkles on my forehead! But that's not the only reason why I started using anti-aging products. The damaging effects of the sun will soon start to appear on my face, so I would rather start preventing it now than cry later :) I always use sun protection in various forms during the day and I started using anti-aging creams and serums at night time.

I always liked Yves Rocher products, especially their Bio Night Lotion, so I was very happy to be given an opportunity to test their anti-aging range. I picked Elixir 7.9 Youth Intensifier and Riche Creme.

If you haven't heard about Yves Rocher, have a look at their website. There is hundreds of products to choose from and I am sure you will find something suitable for you at a great price. You also get a free gift with every order! Here is a link to the Yves Rocher website www.yves-rocher.co.uk

PS. I am sorry for the reflection of my chair and me in the gold packaging :)

Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 Youth Intensifier 30ml* £35 link

INFO: Elixir 7.9 Youth Intensifier is to be used every day, morning and evening, under your usual anti-age care to greatly increase its rejuvenating effectiveness or, as a 1-month intensive treatment 2 to 3 times per year, when your skin needs it.
Visible effects:Smoothes wrinkles, Refined skin texture, New skin effect, Firmer skin, Boosted radiance.
Suitable for all women and all skin types. Paraben-free formula and tested under dermatological supervision.
MY OPINION: I love the light formula of this elixir/serum. You only need a tiny drop to massage into your face and it sinks in right away. It smells really nice, not too strong. I use it in the morning, before applying moisturiser and foundation and at night time followed by Yves Rocher Riche Creme. I noticed that my skin became really firm and radiant and the wrinkles on my forehead seem to be less visible.
I really like this light serum and and I will keep using it at night time to increase effectivness of my anti-ageing creams.
Yves Rocher Riche Creme Intense Regenerating Care 75ml* £36 link

INFO:A complete skin care: a day cream and a night cream in one Pot! An unprecedented combination of 30 Precious Oils were selected for their excellence to provide skin with the ultimate nutrition, replenishment, and anti-wrinkle care. This exceptional and highly effective anti-aging cream will nourish your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Newly replenished, your skin feels soft and smooth. May be used daily, day and night, or as an intensive treatment.
Deep Regenerating Cream includes a unique combination of 30 precious oils selected for their excellence. Rich in active anti-aging essentials, it gives the skin the nutrition and the ultimate renewal it needs.

MY OPINION: This cream feels like luxury enclosed in a gold pot. That's how I can describe it in one sentence. First of all- I love the packaging. It is a limited edition version to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Riche Creme line. The gold jar is made of thick plastic and it looks absolutely beautiful.The texture of the cream feels thick and luxurious. The smell reminds me of my mums anti-wrinkle creams that I used to try when I was younger :) Sorry mum :) I always loved trying beauty products. I use this cream as part of my night time skin care routine, after using the Elixir 7.9. It isn't absorbed by my skin right away, I wait about 5 minutes before I put my head on the pillow. I can't believe how nourished and soft my skin feels after using these two products together. I am very impressed!

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