NOTD + review of Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Nail polish + glitter + handmade ring

About a week ago I was looking for Sally Hansen's Insta-dri and I found it on as a freebie if you buy the Hard as Wraps nail polish :) The total was  £5.98 so basically a bargain as in Boots the insta-dri itself costs £5.99. Click here for the bargain! :)

The Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps nail polish is a formula with acrylic gel and nylon and it's meant to last longer than a normal nail polish and give you a salon effect.
The packaging claims that this is the perfect nail polish solution for women who want hard, strong, beautiful nails but do not have time for salon visits and expensive nail wraps.Professional brush provides ultra-smooth, flawless application.Brush on strength and beauty in just one easy step.
My opinion: It started to chip the next day and that's with use of insta-dri top coat that is meant to be an anti-chip solution, but the finish is very nice and really gives you the salon effect. 
The colour I bought is called Stony Creme and it's a really nice brown/beige colour with a creme finish, but used with a shiny top coat it looks very glossy and luxurious.
I like the colour and I would repurchase it because of that, but for anybody who wants a long lasting nail polish- I personally think it just doesn't do what it's meant to do. I don't wear the same manicure for longer that 2 days anyway so it didn't bother me when it started to chip, but I was a little bit disappointed.
As you already know, I love glitter on my nails, so when the Hard as Wraps nail polish started to chip, I applied another coat and I couldn't resist putting lots of glitter on ;)

I will be using insta-dri as a top coat with all my manicures and I will let you know how it goes.

The pictures are in reversed order, starting with the highest amount of glitter to the plain colour at the end :)

A croc effect pyramid stud ring that I made recently.
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