Strong natural nails- Trind nail repair treatment review

Hi everyone.
I've been using Trind nail treatment* for over two weeks now and I can finally share my thoughts on it with all of you.
Trind is a Dutch company that sells nail and hand care products. Some of you may be familiar with the brand or this nail treatment, as it was included in Carmine and Glossybox a while ago.
I wasn't a subscriber back then, but I was sent this product by Trind for review purposes.
If you want to have a look at their website, here it is:
You can get this treatment from The Garden Pharmacy that sent this product to me.
It retails at £12.95 for a 9ml bottle and you can buy it by clicking here
It's designed to make your nails strong by using a special formula that doesn't dry out your nail, but keeps the moisture in and makes the nails look healthy and pampered.
You need to apply the treatment to your nails every day for a period of two weeks ( before applying again, remove the former coat). After two weeks its recommended as a weekly treatment to keep your nails strong. It has got a nice glossy finish and it looks very natural.

My nails are naturally very weak, they break and split and I really struggle to grow them.
I need to admit that it worked wonders for me. My nails are stronger and I managed to grow them and didn't break one nail in the past two weeks-just so you know-I do a lot of housework every day and I have got a baby boy that is very very active, so my hands are in extreme use 24/h.
I definitely recommend this product. Its worth the price and it will probably last me for over a year, as after using it for two weeks there is still about 90% of the product left.

*this product is a PR sample. my review is 100% honest
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