About 3 weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive some great products to try out from GREEN PEOPLE.
You are probably familiar with the name, because it's one of the most popular organic brands on the market. If you haven't heard about them, check the Green People website:

The Green People Mission is to promote an organic lifestyle and provide high quality, gentle, organic, natural health and home care formulations. They don't test on animals and most of their products are registered by the Vegan Society.  All of Green People products are suitable for Vegetarians.

I received  a package with three products including:
-Gentle Cleanse-Softening cleanser & make-up remover for all skin types
-Vita Min Mask-A nourishing, anti-ageing mask for all skin types
-Fruitful Nights-night cream for tired, dry or mature skin

Gentle Cleanse*-Softening cleanser & make-up remover for all skin types.
This natural skin care product is made without Parabens, Lanolin, ethyl alcohol, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, phthalates and colourants to bring you the purest cleanser that nature can offer. Its a 2 in 1 cleanser- make up remover and face wash.  I really liked the fresh herbal smell of the cleanser, with hints of chamomile, marshmallow and aloe vera.  I gently massage it into my face and it feels really nice in the palms of my fingers. It removes make up easily, including waterproof mascara (I used cotton wool pads for that up).  I have very sensitive eyes so I need to be careful when it comes to eye make up removers, but this one didn't irritate my eyes and left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.  It really helps to balance, nourish and moisture your skin and it's got anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. It retails at 16.95 for 200 ml and you can get it here. It also comes in a smaller 50 ml bottle and 10ml travel size.

Vita Min Mask*-A nourishing, anti-ageing mask for all skin types. 
I can't describe how much I love this mask! It smells very fruity and it feels amazing when it's working its magic.The aroma is a combination of organic mandarin, seaweed and avocado.  I used it every second day because my skin needed hydration. It revitalised  my skin leaving it fresh and giving it a nice healthy glow. The mask is full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, contains antioxidants to protect against cell damage and it's very calming and soothing to delicate, sensitive skin. Massage it into clean and exfoliated face and neck and just relax for 20-30 minutes. Its a non-drying mask so its very easy to remove. The 50 ml bottle will cost you £11.95 and its available here.

Fruitful Nights*-night cream for tired, dry or mature skin.
I used the cream every night after cleansing my face with the Green People Gentle Cleanse and toning with an organic toner. It's definitely the best smelling cream I have ever tried! It smells even better than the Vita Min mask. I would describe the smell as the scent of an amazing fruit smoothie. It contains organic jojoba, hibiscus and rosehip. It helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and imperfections, removes dead skin cells, minimises fine lines giving your skin an even texture and leaving it soft and smooth. You can buy full size product for £14.95 here or get 10 ml travel size for £3.60.

*PR samples

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