DIY: How to make a studded faux leather collar

This is my first DIY post and I need to admit- with a 6 month old baby boy crawling on the floor trying to grab everything in his eyesight - it was very hard!!!
The technical side of the project did not turn out 100% the way I planned it :) I wasn't able to take pictures of everything...But I am happy with the final effect :)

You will need: faux leather, scissors, studs, satin ribbon &  hemming tape

1.cut a collar shape out of faux leather ( C shape)

2.attach studs (I used the ones that pierce through the fabric and close on the other side)
very easy to bend, you can use your hands to do it :)

 3.follow around the edge

4.Attach satin ribbon with iron on hemming tape (follow instructions on the packaging) 
or stitch the ribbon onto the collars ends. 
I used hemming tape. 
Remember-leather sticks to the iron- so be careful not to touch the leather directly with the iron.
use cotton fabric to protect it.

Et Voila!

I am sorry that I didn't provide detailed pictures of attaching the ribbon and studs, but I am sure its easy enough to figure out how to do it. Use your imagination  with the studs, I used 3 different sizes in two colours to give it a unique and interesting look.

Here is the full collar. I love it!

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