Thursday, 7 May 2015

My BAD experience with silicone lip enhancers

 I am not going to lie... I love trying new beauty gadgets. That's why I was very intrigued by the cute little silicone lip enhancers. I have seen many reviews on blogs and youtube and they were very positive, so I thought I will try one of the little contraptions. Honestly, I was just curious. I have full lips naturally, but as a beauty blogger, I just love trying new things. Unfortunately... I didn't realise that I could bruise my face and look like an idiot!

Sooo... I ordered one of the silicone enhancers on ebay. I didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount for the orginal 'fullips' so I paid £2.00 for an ebay version and I went for the XL option. Long story short, the contraption arrived, I used it for 15-20 seconds, it felt weird and uncomfortable, I stopped using it and 2 minutes later I developed bruising under my bottom lip. I was horrified! Oh, and just so you know... it didn't make my lips any bigger!!! At all! They stayed the same size, maybe a tiny bit plumper.

First thought - why, oh why was I silly enough to use it? I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Second thought - how ridiculous will I look and what will I say to my husband? I mean... I just feel soooo stupid for even trying it! Oh god... I quickly got an ice pack from the freezer and applied it to my lips along with a soothing gel to reduce bruising. Unfortunately, it didn't help at all and it just looks horrid!

It could have been worse though, I could end up looking like THIS!!! OMG, can you imagine??? I feel so sorry for the poor girl!

Sooo... if you are thinking about trying any 'lip enhancers' or god forbid - doing the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge, please just DON'T! I didn't take bruising into consideration and when I think about it... I actually bruise easily so I am not surprised that I experienced this 'apparently very common side effect'. Also... I thought it will be easily covered with makeup, but it's a bit tricky.

I will stick to the old toothbrush trick and just give my lips a little scrub when I want them to look fuller or use a lip liner. The silicone enhancer went straight in the bin before I got the chance to photograph it.

PS. I wasn't sure if I should even write this post, because it's sooo embarrassing, but seeing many bloggers reviewing similar products and being happy with the effect, made me think that I should share my bad experience. I haven't seen any negative reviews at all, so I felt like I had to share my thoughts. As usual, what works for other people might not work for you and vice versa and I am not saying that anyone is lying about these lip enhancers being good. Obviously, it worked for them and you can see it on before an after photos. I wasn't lucky enough to experience any benefits, just a nasty side effect :/  am laughing at myself now, but hey... at least I can warn you.

*disclaimer - I am an idiot! :) 



  1. Hahah, what an amazing post.

    But hey - it's great that you gave us a warning for NOT trying those stupid things :)

    Dont be embaressed :* <3

  2. haha great post, but when I see people that do this only what I think is that they're poor and that they have complex. :) I'll never do this because the bigger lips isn't too much beauty. If God gives you the look the way you are , why to change it I mean everyone is beautiful on their own way, right? Kylie Jenner is popular but she even doesn't know why she is popular, that's really funny and poor. I really love your blog and thanks for sharing with us your experience.

    Golden chapter

  3. great post ! I am glad you learned from it and you are warning us . Your lips looks lovely as they are anyway .

  4. I've seen so many young girls using this kind of things...unfortunately not everyone uses one of these silicone gadgets...the thing that worries me is the "Kylie Jenner Challenge" where young girls take a glass glass and suck on it with the lips inside...THAT is stupid...
    Nonetheless I find it really amazing that you decided to write about it here on the blog!!!


  5. I really couldn't get swept up with that craze, not only do the result look awful but it's dangerous! I suppose we live and learn don't we....

  6. Oh, so sorry for that! I was planning to order it and suddenly I found your post here...

    Cheers, Eliza |

  7. At least you are being honest! Not much to be said for Kylie Jenner who has no admitted she uses nothing of the sort to get fuller lips!

  8. It's so important that you're highlighting your experience, well done!


  9. I have seen so many people use these and it go wrong, its not worth it. I slightly overdraw my lips which still looks natural but a little fuller x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  10. Wow, I have seen this product and I was just going to try it out of curiosity too. I honestly could care less if my lips are big or not but like you I am just curious. I have seen so many positive reviews about this product. I will not waste my time or money on that product after reading your review. :) Thank you for posting about this!!!

  11. haha I love your disclaimer, I also tried this with a lid of a bottle for "scientific purposes" I am also an idiot

  12. Great post lovely! So glad you did it because I was thinking about getting one of them too!

    ❤ The Jewel Beauty Blog ❤ || Beauty & Lifestyle

  13. I picked up the actual 'Fulllips' version and seen no difference whatsoever!!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  14. Awww Sandra, everyone was curious to try them. What did your husband say? I bet he said you're still gorgeous! X

  15. I must admit I am was intrigued, think it was the fear of missing out!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  16. I am so glad you posted this. So many of these young girls are splitting their lips and doing crazy things, because of a trend. I'm glad to know you didn't spend too much money, and that you're over it now.

  17. Oh god! Good on you for writing this post though Sandra! People need to see the bad stuff to stop this ridiculous craze!
    Kirsty x


  18. Gosh, how awful! You definitely needed to write this review to stop others trying it. Hopefully now Kylie has admitted to getting lip fillers, people will be less interested in this kind of thing!

    Tara x

  19. ouch! That looks nasty. I shall be giving these a miss after seeing your post! x


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