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Guest Post: Top 5 MAC products/ Sweet Electric

MAC is one of my favourite brands. I've tried a few of their products over the years so picking a top 5 was difficult. However, I've managed to narrow it down and theres some real gems in here. 

Though I do find MAC lipsticks slightly drying, I love the shade range and lasting power (generally they wear around 4-5 hours on my lips). One of the most wearable shades is shy girl - a nude peachy pink with a hint of coral in a cremesheen finish. Its so flattering on most skin tones and has a yummy vanilla scent that all MAC lippies have. 

Whilst this was a limited edition product, it usually pops up at least once a year in an extra dimension collection. Superb is a champagne beige highlighter with a metallic sheen. It gives the skin a gorgeous dewy glow that doesn't highlight any imperfections. Its long wearing and super soft to touch!An incredible product! 

Era is such an underrated shade but if you're a fan of neutrals then you should definitely give this a try. Era is a soft golden beige with a satin finish. Its buttery soft and smooth and highly pigmented. A really pretty shade! 

Satin taupe is one of the best performing MAC shades. Its a cool toned mauve brown with a frost finish and a true classic. Its soft, smooth, pigmented and a real must have for any MAC lover. 

Paint pots are a cream shadow that are long wearing. Vintage selection is a pretty frosted champagne beige. Its a great pick for anyone who doesn't want to spend ages doing their makeup as paint pots are so quick and easy to use. These can dry out quickly in the pot but give them a quick blast with a hairdryer and you're good to go again! Kind regards and best wishes Zoe x 

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  1. Great picks! I absolutely love the MAC lipsticks, I have seven in my ever growing collection! I don't find MAC eyeshadows work too well on me, but their base products are always beautiful.


  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Really like the look of that skinfinish, will need to have a look and see if it comes out with a future collection x

  4. Love mac products, the lipstick looks so pretty x
    Emma / Everything Beauty

  5. Yes, absolutely love Satin Taupe eyeshadow. Shy Girl looks really nice! Might consider picking it up :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  6. Such a great selection of products! I don't think I've ever heard or Era but it looks gorgeous & I'm definitely going to check out some swatches now!

  7. I have a limited Mac Collection but there are a few things I really want & Shy Girl is one of those things. Such a pretty colour

  8. I love Shy girl, one of my faves!!

  9. Satin Taupe is my all time fave! Love this top 5 post as MAC can be so overwhelming, so a top 5 is really helpful :)

    Sophie x

  10. I love people's top products posts, they are so interesting to read and this one really made me want to try everything that was mentioned. x

  11. Shy Girl is such a gorgeous shade!

  12. Nice top5! :)
    It's impossible for me to do mine, I'm a sucker for M.A.C products! *_*

  13. I can't believe I still haven't tried a MAC paint pot! That will definitely have to be my next buy! - but so annoying that the closest MAC store to me is over an hour drive :(

    Chloe Andrews | Nail tutorials & Beauty Posts


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