Monday, 19 May 2014

The Body Shop Brush On Bronze

My first ever bronzer was very similar to this one and I kept it in my stash for years, until my recent makeup clear-out. There is something about the little beads that makes me love a product more. Brush On Bronze is very pigmented and looks a little bit scary when you swatch it and first apply it, but it is easy to blend and adds a gorgeous glow to my complexion. 

Mine is a little bit damaged with some loose powder and a couple of broken beads in the pan, so bear in mind that it should look much cleaner when you get it brand new instore. The colour is a warm bronze shade with a little bit of shimmer and it looks gorgeous on tanned skin. I have been using it to add a nice glow to my face and some colour to my decolletage. It's perfect for summer.

The Bronzing Brush* (£16.00) works really well with the beads, distributing the colour evenly for a more natural look. I wouldn't recommend this product for pale skin, but it is ideal for medium and dark skin tones or those who use fake tan. If you are not a big fan of bronzer, you might prefer the Brush On Radiance with pink toned beads that give an illuminating effect.

You can buy the Brush On Bronze and Kabuki Brush from

*PR sample




  1. I love the Honey bronzer but this is WAY too dark for me!

    Allison from

  2. I used to have this bronzer when I was younger and I remember always being that little bit too heavy handed.. I think I need to give it another go haha xxx

  3. This looks pretty, but maybe a little messy!!

    Laura xx

  4. I love the Honey Bronzer but I wanna give this a try too xx

  5. I love products like this, they look so unique but I can imagine them to make a mess!

  6. I have had my eyes on this bronzer for quite sometime. Need it in my life now.

  7. This look very intriguing! It indeed looks quite scary haha!

    xx Anine

  8. I LOVE the look of this! And the kabuki too!


  9. This looks so pretty! I really want to try it!

  10. This looks so gorgeous! I usually stay away from any type of loose powders as much as possible-- but I'm with you on the little beads of product seeming so lush!


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