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What beauty products do you like to receive as gifts?

I am pretty sure that many of you received an awkward beauty present in the past. I know I have... I think that beauty bloggers are extremely hard to buy for, unless you are always up to date with their makeup collection and current wishlist :) haha. Beauty gifts in general can be very tricky to pick and that's why Debenhams created a survey to find out the preferred beauty products people love as presents. The findings of the survey will be promoted on Debenhams social media platforms as well as blog and online publications and I can't wait to find out the outcome. Today I would like to show you my personal top three beauty gifts and... ask you what beauty products you love receiving as gifts yourself?


Don't worry... I am not suggesting Flower By Kenzo* as a perfect gift for everyone, but... buying a bottle of someone's favourite fragrance is always a good idea. If you are close to the person you are buying for, you will definitely  know what their signature scent is. My husband buys me a bottle of Flower By Kenzo every year, because I absolutely adore it and it reminds him of our first dates etc :) I buy him 212 by Carolina Herrera every year as well and he is always very grateful :) 


You can't go wrong with a cute pot of lip balm, like the Korres Jasmine Lip Butter*. Who doesn't use, or love lip balms? I always add them as gift extras for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions and I love receiving them too. If you want something more luxurious, go for Chanel or Dior :) 


This little gadget is a must have and I would be happy to receive another one as a gift. It's the incredible Travalo* - a refillable travel perfume atomizer spray bottle that refills in seconds with a unique repeat pump action. You can fill it with your favourite fragrance and keep it in your handbag. It comes in a variety of colours and makes a lovely gift. I really want a gold one :)

What beauty products do you like to receive as gifts? I think that signature perfumes, lip balms and simple beauty gadgets like Travalo are perfect. Makeup and skincare can be tricky in my opinion, unless you know a lot about someone's makeup taste, skin type etc.

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  1. The bottle if that perfume is so gorgeous! I'm not usually too fussy about beauty gifts perfume is always a good one as long as it's the one I like!


  2. I am dying to get a Travalo and I love to get perfume, especially Pure Poison by Dior. Usually I make it very known to my friends/ family what I am after and then I try not to buy it for myself - it's often makeup! Haha :)

    Roo xx

  3. Enything related to bath - oil, scrubs, salts etc. :)

  4. I agree with you, pretty fragrance is always a very nice present, especially when we know what the other person likes. At least I love to receive them! My favorite one is Chloe and I get it every year. I love your picks, they have a certain charm xx

    Dash xx
    Fashion & Beauty by Mode Lily

  5. Beauty gifts can definitely be tricky to get right - I don't think I've ever liked a perfume I've received as a gift!! Buying a scent you know someone loves is definitely the safe option, there :)

    Jess xo

  6. I love Flower by Kenzo, it's one of my favourite fragrances of all times!

  7. I totally agree with your picks! I love receiving the stuff I don't like to buy for myself, which is mostly perfume and high-end cosmetics like nail polishes and lipsticks. Sometimes higher-end tooks like a makeup brush or lash curler will fall on my wish list, too.


  8. I quite like to get fragrance as a gift - they're usually expensive so I wouldn't normally treat myself! xx

  9. I like receiving perfume as a gift. Because it is such a luxury and I always feel a little guilty for purchasing it for myself

  10. I absolutely love that flower by Kenzo Fragrance. It looks amazing! I want it!

    Krystal | www.moorekrystal.wordpress.com

  11. I honestly really dislike most gift sets which are available in stores around christmas time, a lot of it is stuff that I'll never use and I'd much rather someone spent the £10 or whatever on buying me something like a Travalo or to be honest anything in the Debenhams beauty hall, just as long as it wasn't a gift set.

    I hope that doesn't sound TOO ungrateful but I know how much thought I put in to the presents I buy people and I really wish everyone else had the time to be the same haha. I don't think I'm hard to buy for, my blog is a haven of wish list information ready for all to see!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  12. Really want to try the Korres lip butter, great picks! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  13. I have a Travalo they're great, I think my mum got it as part of a deal when she got me a couple of perfumes for christmas, so it's definitely a handy gift!

    I love receiving a fragrance I like though as a gift as I don't normally spend so much on myself. That or bath and body treats like lush or soap and glory, they always come in handy and it's quite difficult to go wrong with them unless the said recipient is allergic or really hates those kinds of gifts!

    Kat x


  14. Perfume!x

    www.styleflaw.blogspot.co.uk ♥

  15. Uh I'm really picky with perfumes so when I'm out of my signature scent (which is currently the Ralph Lauren Pony Collection Number 1) I switch it up and pick a new scent. I've never really liked any of the scents that were given to me.

    A high end or fancy lipbalm is just down my alley though! It's one of those things that I need and like but don't want to get into or buy myself, so that's a safe way to go for sure!

    Kat B - Katience

  16. I love getting different perfumes that I normally wouldnt pick myself - thats what I tend to ask for off friends. There has only been one that I didnt like - Alien though my cousin does so she stole it! x

  17. Love it !


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