Thursday, 27 February 2014

Supermarket Fashion Challenge :)

I very rarely blog about fashion, but I love shopping for clothes and I am not ashamed to say that most of my finds are from George at Asda and F&F at Tesco. They always have fab new collections and all their pieces are reasonably priced and on trend. I also love their basic ranges and I find the quality much better than Primark and other cheap high street stores. When I was asked to take part in the "Making Money Go Further Campaign" by , I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me :) I was given a £75.00 budget to spend on an full outfit from a supermarket of my choice, including top, bottom and shoes. I actually managed to put together 2 outfits and still had some vouchers left! 

Here's what I got with the vouchers:

Stripe Knit Top (£10.00)
Black Vest (£2.00)
Bird Print Kimono (£14.00) 
Wonderfit Jeans (£18.00)
Studded Flats (£6.00)

TOTAL: £50.00

I have been planning to buy the famous Topshop Joni Jeans, but I didn't want to spend £36.00 on something I won't be able to wear once I lose more weight. While browsing Asda's website, I noticed their Wonderfit Jeans and after reading more about them, I simply had to buy a pair! They are half the price of Joni jeans and each sizes fits 3 dress sizes! I got the size L (it fits sizes 16-20) and I still can't believe how comfy they are! They are made with a special  fabric with a lot of stretch, but look and feel like jeans. And NO - they are nothing like jeggings! I am soooo impressed! I can't recommend them enough! I got a black pair as well :) They are AMAZING and possibly revolutionary, if your weight fluctuates or you find other jeans very uncomfortable. 

I wore them with a simple black vest top, the bird print kimono and studded flats. I absolutely love the kimono and I think it is a steal at £14.00! Shops like River Island and Topshop charge between £30 to £70 for similar ones! I wish it was a bit longer, but I love the print and the chiffon fabric feels nice and light - perfect for Spring/Summer.

I also picked up this stripe knit top and I can't stop wearing it. It is made with a very lightweight knit and has a dipped hem and 3/4 sleeves. I love it!!! I know that horizontal stripes make me look bigger, but I couldn't care less :) haha. This top is one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn. It is selling out really quickly though and only available in size 12 online, but you should be able to get it in your local ASDA.

I am not sure why my legs look so fat here :O Not the most flattering outfit, but it's my 'go to' everyday attire.

Do you shop for clothes in supermarkets? And most importantly... do you own a pair of ASDA Wonderfit jeans? 

*I was kindly sent Asda vouchers to cover the cost of my outfit by Debt Free Direct.



  1. Lovely outfit dear, love the studded shoes so much!
    Nice weekend!

  2. That kimono is so cute! I love those pretty dolly shoes.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  3. You don't look fat at all, you look fab! I love the striped top. I have seen this on another blog site and vowed to purchase then it looked so nice but my nearest store didn't have it in my size - boo :-( I haven't come across the jeans before but they sound well worth a look. Think I may be nipping to ASDA on my way home!

  4. WOW I would LOVE to do this challenge!!
    My fave is ASDA. I like their G20 (I think its called?!) range. They do some lovely stuff.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  5. I love your choice of outfits, I guess I need to shop more at George but as I detest the mad chaotic rush of food shopping at Asda, I never get a chance to look round the clothes. I definitely need to invest in those jeans, I don't like wearing 'normal' jeans but want something different to wearing leggings all the time and these seem like the perfect alternative.

  6. I love supermarket clothes shopping - makes buying washing up liquid and loo roll a bit more interesting, doesn't it?! That kimono is a beaut!


  7. Love the first outfit, the kimono is lovely!

  8. Oo those jeans look interesting! I hate wearing jeans as my hips are so much bigger than my waist, and I have large thighs - I basically live in dresses and skirts - but I might look into these! The kimono is gorgeous too. I also really like George's underwear range; the bras fit better than my Victoria Secret bras!

    Tara xox

  9. I wish we had those shops here in italy .. clothing seems to get always more expensive...

    The Chic and Cheap Blog ,
    Facebook , Instagram , Bloglovin

  10. I love that stripped jumper I have seen quite a few people mentioning it but unfortunately I don't have an ASDA very close to me x

  11. you look great, who knew supermarket fashion is so great!

    Biancarosa // xoxo


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