Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Anthropologie Wishlist

I just noticed that Anthropologie are offering free delivery on all orders until the 2nd of March and I couldn't resist placing a cheeky order. I got one of their Monogram Mugs (£8.00) and I can't wait for it to arrive. I adore their tableware and their designs are simply stunning! There are many more lovely pieces I would love to add to my collection and you can see the more affordable ones below :)

Dinner Plate £18.00
Bowl £14.00

Ayaka Mug £12.00
Monogram Mug £8.00

Bowl £8.00

Cotton Napkins £6.00 each

Will you be taking advantage of their free shipping? The code is: JUSTFORYOU

*this post is NOT sponsored. I am just a big fan of Anthropologie :)



  1. I wish I could but I have no money to spend right now sadly. I have two mugs from there myself and a few other bits and bobs. It's one of my absolute favorite stores! Every time I'm in there I kinda just want to live there haha.
    Lovely Notions

  2. We have two of their Monogm Mugs - I love them, but they're so hard to hold with such a tiny finger hole!

  3. I love Anthropologie homewares, they're always so pretty! Wish I could afford it all! x

  4. So tempting, I love their home wears & have been known to make a special trip to their Edinburgh store just for a browse. Im going to have a look & see what pretty things they have. I always have room for pretty cups

  5. I could spend hours on their website! Everything is so pretty!

  6. I love the measuring spoons! Will have to take a look at them on the site!
    Tania xx

  7. oh my word these are all so pretty! i really want a monogram mug
    Lucy xx
    Sailor Speak

  8. I love Anthropologie, they have some amazing products and I'm constantly just walking around their store ogling everything!
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  9. These are gorgeous and at such good prices! I've not ordered from them before but there's a lot here that I'd love - think I'll have to take a better look!

    Nicola //

  10. I only discovered Anthropologie a few weeks ago and I might need everything. I'm tempted to buy the measuring spoons for when I get my own place one day!

  11. How have i never come by these before?! Loving the bowls, so cute.

    Biancarosa // xoxo


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