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Sigma Born To Be 'Smoke Screen' Eye Shadow Palette

 Sigma Smoke Screen Palette* 

I declared my love for Sigma eye shadows many times and I think that they are very underrated and don't get enough coverage on British blogs. I am not going to lie - nothing beats Urban Decay, but Sigma is definitely in my top two when it comes to the formula of eye shadows and I use their stunning palettes very often.  The latest addition to my stash is the Smoke Screen Palette from Sigma's new 'Born To Be' collection and it really is a beaut! 

'Born To Be' Collection was created to 'bring sophistication to the sultry, smokey eye with unexpected colour combinations' and it consists of  9 products in total: the Smoke Screen Palette, 3 Eye Liner Pencils, 3 Lip Glosses, a Lip Concealer and a Blush. You can see all of them on the little leaflet below.

The 'Smoke Screen' palette features 12 stunning eye colours ranging from neutrals to a bright blue and lilac. You can easily create daytime and nighttime looks with this selection of shades and the black can be used to really smoke things up or even as a liner. Perfect! The formula of all the shades is easy to work with, buttery and long lasting and the pigmentation is really good, even when it comes to matte shades. Sigma definitely does the best matte eye shadows, but I think I already mentioned it in one of my previous reviews :)

Used with a primer, the eye shadows lasted on my eyelids all day without any creasing and even the matte shades didn't fade or crease at all. There is very minimal fallout during the application, but I think it might be due to the embossing on the top layer of the product and it shouldn't be a problem after a couple of uses.

My favourite shades from the palette are Opulent, Ember and Atmosphere, but I really like all 12 to be honest. Even the turquoise colour is super pretty and I will definitely use it for Spring/Summer. The 12 shades include:

Veiled - shimmery, peachy beige
Opulent - shimmery light bronze/gold
Ember - light brown with a frost finish
Thunderhead - cool toned brown with a matte/satin finish
Misty - light matte lilac
Haze - light matte taupe/mauve
Svelte - army green with a matte/satin finish
Rave - chocolate brown with gold shimmer
Nebula - turquoise with silver shimmer)
Atmosphere - dark brown with red undertones and red shimmer
Cinders - shimmery gray
Almost Jet - charcoal with silver micro shimmer

The swatches below show the pigmentation with just one swipe. As you can see, the last shade in the first row and the full second row are slightly less pigmented than the rest, but the colour is easily buildable and all the shades are a dream to apply, especially when you use an eye shadow base/primer. PS. If you ever struggle with getting good colour payoff, simply use your fingers- they give the best results :)

Veiled / Opulent / Ember / Thunderhead
Misty / Haze / Svelte / Rave
Nebula / Atmosphere / Cinders / Almost Jet

Overall, I really like the 'Smoke Screen' Palette and the full 'Born To Be' Collection looks very appealing to me. Perfect mixture of neutrals, with a hint of colour. The lip glosses look stunning and I would love to try the purple and pink.

The palette will be available from from the 10th of February.
RRP: £29.95

*PR sample



  1. This palette is SO gorgeous and absolutely perfect for brown eyes! I love that they’re all neutral but then the pop of blue to mix things up a bit! They look a little like the UD Vice 2 shadows too and sound a little like them in regards to pigmentation!


  2. I've bought Sigma brushes before, but have never really thought about buying make-up from them! These eyeshadows look so nice and really pigmented. I may have to purchase the palette for myself :) x

  3. I tend to not like a lot of neutral palettes but I've had my eye on this palette, I think that one shade of blue made all the difference for me xD

  4. It´s perfect! Love the color combination :)

  5. These colours are lovely and look really pigmented, the only colour I'm not sure about is Nebula. I've never bought anything from Sigma before.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  6. Sigma has done it again, this palette looks absolutely gorgeous

  7. To be perfectly honest I had no idea sigma had shadows! I've only ever heard about their brushes. It's great that you review all ranges of products from the popular to the not as heard of :)
    Lovely Notions

  8. This looks gorgeous! I just love Sigma brushes, but never tried their palettes.

    Danielle | Design Heaven

  9. I love ember, I'm always curious about Sigma products because I mainly hear about their brushes xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  10. gorgeous palette, the pigmentation looks great! x

  11. I had no idea Sigma had palettes either I love their brushes xx

  12. Thats gorgeous! I love the colours. That blue is lovely! Look so pigmented!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  13. Amazing palette!

  14. this looks amazing but I'm not too sure about the random blue colour? maybe purple or something would have been more appropriate

    Tzeyien89 Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  15. Such gorgeous colors!! I must get my hands on this! Great review! (:


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